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Rotterdam Qualification Meet 2020

Rotterdam Qualification Meet 2020

The KNZB will do everything in its power to hold a qualification meeting in Rotterdam from 3-6 December, the Rotterdam Qualification Meet. It will be a competition in which a limited number of Dutch and foreign swimmers can participate. The competition will only be open to swimmers who have a chance of qualifying for OS, PS or the European Championships. It will not be a broad ONK in which a large group of swimmers can participate. The KNZB is working on an alternative to the planned ONK.

We are calling on swimmers and swimmers who believe they have a serious chance of qualifying for the Olympic or Paralympic Games in Tokyo or the European Championships Swimming Budapest (including the post-EJK limit) to register, via their association secretariat, for this qualification competition. The information will be published on the KNZB website. Registration has to be in before Wednesday 4 November 12.00 hrs.

Registration does not mean automatic placement. The Technical Director will, on the basis of opportunity, add a limited number of athletes to the database of top athletes that will participate from the HPCs and abroad. The KNZB must also obtain permission to grant this group of swimmers exemption for swimming in a one-off competition.
Finally, the Rotterdam Safety Region must also grant its approval.

Of course, we will have to await all developments concerning the COVID-19 virus. We are going to do our utmost to allow the competition to go ahead. This will be accompanied by all possible precautionary measures such as testing, social distancing, mouth caps, regulated swimming and training, etc. Together we aim to continue the top sport in these difficult times, but at the same time not to pose any risk to society or health care.

Kind regards,
André Cats
Technical director KNZB

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