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Swimmers 50m Breaststroke Dominate In Afternoon Session Swim Cup

Swimmers 50m breaststroke dominate in afternoon session Swim Cup

During the third day of the Swim Cup the participating athletes showed some spectacular races. Three 50m breaststroke finals were swum: men, women and Paralympic women. Even the 100m freestyle women semi-finals look very promising for the last day.

Nijhuis Dutch champion
In the semi-final 50m breaststroke Moniek Nijhuis finishes in 30.65. Later in the afternoon she only swims 0.1 slower in the finals. This makes Nijhuis the winner of the Swim Cup in this discipline and at the same time Dutch champion.

Siladji and Van der Burgh at same height in final
After the women it’s the men’s turn in the 50m breast stroke. In the second semi-final Caba Siladji swims a Swim Cup record in 27.26. In the finals Siladji and Van der Burgh are extremely close to each other and they finish simultaneously in 27.17. As a consequence they improve the Swim Cup record. Cameron van der Burgh after his race: “ I am very happy, in particular with yesterday’s 100m breast stroke”. Van der Burgh feels at home in Holland: “ It’s my first time in Eindhoven, but it sure isn’t the last time. I love it here.”

Twice world record
The last 50m women’s breast stroke race is for the Paralympic athletes. No less than two world records are achieved. Chantalle Zijderveld (SB9) finishes with a time of 43.73 whereas Maja Reichard (SB11) sets a world record time of 39.75. “Super, I really didn’t expect this” says Chantalle happily.

Jakabos not quite satisfied
Despite her winning final in the 200m butterfly women Zsuzsanna Jakabos is not quite satisfied: “ It was so so, I wanted to swim under 2:08” . Zsuzsanna finishes in 2:08.13 and beats amongst others Boglarka Kapas 2:08.99) and Anna Ntountounaki (2:13.41)

Spectacular 200m freestyle men
The 200m freestyle men was to be the most spectacular race this evening. And indeed it was! Sebastiaan Verschuren swims a very fast race and in the last 50 metres he leaves all competitors behind him finishing in 1:46.09. “I really was focused on this race, so I was this morning. During the race the biggest unload occurred after 100m. I knew I was in good shape” Verschuren says. Not only Verschuren performs well, also Kyle Stolk proves his skills. His time is 1:48.00 and he qualifies for the Kazan World Championships.

Semi-finals promise spectacular finals
In the first semi-final it is Ranomi Kromowidjojo who qualifies for the 100m freestyle in Kazan which was Ranomi’s biggest objective of this Swim Cup.Her objective becomes true and Kromowidjojo finishes in 53.69.

Then it’s Femke Heemskerk and Sarah Sjöström who battle in the second semi-final. Heemskerk swims an extremely fast race and finishes in 52.79 (the sixth best time ever swum in a textile swim suit during the 100m freestyle). “I prove to myself that I can cope with the very highest level and you need good races for that. I swim a very good time and that strengthens my confidence. That is worth a lot” so says Heemskerk who is very satisfied. Sara Sjöström finishes in 53.29 right after Femke.

Also Dutch talent Marrit Steenbergen swims a good 200m race, she smashes the Dutch youth record record and finishes in 54.84. With this result the 15 year young Steenbergen qualifies for the World Championships in Kazan.

Verlinden in good shape again
The last race during the afternoon finals is the 100m men’s butterfly in which amongst others László Cseh and Joeri Verlinden participate. Cseh and Verlinden seem to swim equally well, but in the end it is Cseh who wins the race setting a time of 51.97. Joeri Verlinden finishes in 52.63 and is definitely satisfied. “I wanted to face this challenge. The last months were very hectic, however the past three weeks were quite successful. Full speed ahead!’

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