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Sensation At The Evening Session At Day Two Of The Swim Cup

Sensation at the evening session at day two of the Swim Cup

After a exciting first evening session the second evening session of the Swim Cup 2016 was there. Yesterday a couple of records and limits were swam so that was promising for today.

Olympic limit
Todays evening session started spectacular. First of all there was a National record at the 100 meter breaststroke for the Paralympic men. Duncan van Haaren sharpened his own record from earlier the day, he swam 1:08.26.

A beautiful performance at the 100 meter backstroke for woman was for Kira Toussaint. After she qualified for the European games yesterday, she swam 1:00.25, exactly the limit for the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro. “Last year in Tennessee I altered my backstroke, it was a long learning process. Today it was all or nothing and fortunately it was enough. I can barely stand on my feet,” said Toussaint.

Great time by Heemskerk 
The ending of the evening was dedicated to a great number of Dutch top swimmers. First it was Sebastiaan Verschuren who tried to reach the limit for Rio de Janeiro at the 100 meter freestyle. Unfortunately his time of 48.77 wasn’t enough. Verschuren still got a change tomorrow at the finals of the 100 meter freestyle.

In the second half final for the 200 meter freestyle Femke Heemskerk was active. She won the race in the time of 1:56.61 which meant that she reached the limit for Rio de Janeiro ones again.

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