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Sarah Sjöström Big Winner Swim Cup

Sarah Sjöström big winner Swim Cup

During the 11th edition of the Swim Cup national and international top swimmers raced for victory and qualification for other big swim tournaments. Their achievements, however, were also converted into points resulting into the best performing participant of the Swim Cup.

Sarah Sjöström, who didn’t appear in the arena until day three but nevertheless performed extremely well, is the big winner of the Swim Cup Eindhoven 2015. Food poisoning kept her away from the scene. But on Saturday she was there swimming the 100m freestyle and on Sunday participating in the 50m butterfly and 100m backstroke race. She qualified second in the 100m freestyle, but she cancelled the final in favour of the other two distances.

In the 50m butterfly series she excels and she swims the world’s best season time. In the semi-final she swims even faster and sets the second best time ever in the 50m butterfly: 24.69.

In the 100m backstroke final – a fairly ‘unknown’ distance for Sjöström – she sets a new Swedish record (59.98). “I have always wanted to swim under 01:00 but thought it was impossible. I am very happy and pleasantly surprised” says Sjöström.

After Sjöström comes Femke Heemskerk and the swimmers Caba Siladji and Cameron van der Burgh share the third place. After the final the six best performers were honoured on the podium for their fantastic achievements:

1. Sarah Sjöström
2. Femke Heemskerk2
3. Caba Siladji / Cameron van der Burgh
5. Damir Dugonjic
6. Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Download here the 20 best performers of the Swim Cup Eindhoven in 2015

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