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Kromowidjojo Winner Of The Swim Cup 2016

Kromowidjojo winner of the Swim Cup 2016

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The 12th edition of the Swim Cup 2016 was covered by many top athletes who were eager to gain various nominations, qualifications, titles and of course the Swim Cup overall FINA ranking.

Dutch family party
The majority of the participants in this year’s Swim Cup existed of Dutch top athletes, both women and man. Femke Heemskerk and Ranomi Kromowidjojo swopped places in the ranking several times closely followed by Danish Rikke Møller Pedersen. After four days the points were split: 927, 924 and 923. Møller Pedersen didn’t succeed in gaining more points in the 100m final breaststroke.

On the last day the tension was very high in the 100m Freestyle in which not only Femke and Ranomi were racing for the best place, also Dutch competitor Marrit Steenbergen contributed with a smashing time of 54.43. This time resulted in a new Dutch age record (16 years). It was Ranomi who touched in 53.55, slightly worse than yesterday when she clocked 53.21.

Rio de Janeiro and London
The Dutch Paralympic team qualified for the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. The other participants of the Olympic games and the European Championships in London will be announced later this week.

On the platform
The five best athletes entered the platform where they were honoured for their performances. Ranomi Kromowidjojo was surrounded by Femke Heemskerk, Rikke Møller Pedersen, Maaike de Waard and Nicholas Quinn. Ranomi scored highest with 937 points due to her performance in the 100m Freestyle final (53.21). The other results:

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