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Great Attention For The Afternoon Sessions

Great attention for the afternoon sessions

At the well-filled Pieter van den Hoogenband zwemstadion the third day of the Swim Cup 2016 started. The afternoon was full of series. But there was more than enough to look forward to.

New record for Marrit Steenbergen
The first series was good enough for a new record. It was the 16-year-old Marrit Steenbergen who swam a new Dutch youth record at the 200 meter medley. With a time of 2:14.02 she also qualified for the European Championship. Kira Toussaint, who did swim the limit for Rio de Janeiro at the 100 meter backstroke yesterday, did swim today in the 200 meter backstroke. She finished in a time of 2:15.68.

Great 50m butterfly by Kromowidjojo
In the afternoon some (international) top swimmers were active. Amongst others the Danish top swimmers Jeanette Ottesen and Rikke Møller Pedersen. They respectively swam the 50 meter butterfly (26.22) and the 50 meter backstroke (32.00).

Some Dutch top swimmers were active at the afternoon session. Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Joeri Verlinden were active. Kromowidjojo was the fastest at the 50 meter butterfly, she swam 25.63. Which is under the limit for the European Championship in London. Verlinden swam the 100 meter butterfly and did it in the time of 52.36, not yet good enough for qualification for Rio de Janeiro.

Looking forward to a special evening
In addition to a great number of finals (for example the 100 meter freestyle finals with Sebastiaan Verschuren) the Friday evening is a special one. The school swimming championship and the 42 kilometer of Maarten van der Weijden (Olympic champion open water swimming). He will swim for the KWF (Dutch Cancer Society), already there is collected 20.000 euro’s with more than one honderd swimmers. Van der Weijden will attempt to collect as much money as possible for this charity. A beautiful evening is ahead of us so enough reason for spectators to stay in their seats or come to the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium.

Look at page 26 of the digital programme book for the article with Maarten van der Weijden and his swimming marathon.

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