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First Day Swim Cup 2016 Starts

First day Swim Cup 2016 starts

For the best preparation for the Olympic Games the starting times at the Swim Cup were altered. The series started at 12.00 p.m., the B-finals at 7.00 p.m. and the A-finals at 9.00 p.m.

Numerous personal records and limits.
Top swimmers such as Maarten Brzoskowski, Femke Heemskerk and Ranomi Kromowidjojo were active during the series of 12.00 p.m.

During the 12.00 p.m. series there where numerous personal records and limits. Tessa Vermeulen swam a personal record at the 100 meter backstroke with the time of 1:01:78. During the 50 meter freestyle Nyls Korstanje swam the limit for the EJK (European Youth Championship) with the time of 22:98. In a fantastic 50 meter freestyle Kim Busch swam the limit for European Championship 2016 in London, her time was 25:17.

Furthermore Kira Toussaint qualified for the European Championship. She swam the limit with a time of 1:00:51 at the 100 meter backstroke. Ranomi Kromowidjojo recorded an Olympic limit at the 50 meter freestyle with the time of 34:67.

A look at the evening-series
After a buzzy 12.00 p.m. series, with numerous records and limits, upward of 19.00 p.m. it will be even more exciting. Something to keep your eyes on is the woman 4×200 freestyle. This race was added to the Swim Cup to give the woman a chance to qualify for the Olympic Games. Also the spectacular 50 meter freestyle for man and woman will be held. Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Femke Heemskerk wil race in the 50 meter freestyle final. Without a doubt they want to improve their time they swam at the series.

Buy your tickets now!
There are still tickets available at the cash desk for the 7.00p.m. and 9.00 p.m. series. So if you want to see the spectacular and fast 50 meter freestyle live you can be there. Not able to visit the Pieter van den Hoogeband swimming stadium? You can follow the races at the live stream or the live twitter page.

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