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Exciting First Day At The Swim Cup Eindhoven

Exciting first day at the Swim cup Eindhoven

After a promising morning at the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium, the day was ended with spectacular finals. Just before the start of the session the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation launched the campaign: “Code Blue”, which is intended to reduce aggressive behavior in and around swimming pools. A statement which the federation want to spread all over the country.

The final session hosted an exciting battle at the 800 meter freestyle, which among others Peter Bernek and Dutch favorites Ferry Weertman en Maarten Brzoskowski compete against each other. It was Bernek who earned the win, but Ferry Weertman (who came second) won the Dutch National title.

At the 50 meters freestyle for women it was close racing between Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Femke Heemskerk. During the semis “Kromo” already met the qualification requirement for the World Championships in Kazan, and was also the fastest in the final. She earned the Dutch National title and it promised to be an exiting duel at the 100 meters freestyle later this tournament.

Olivier van de Voort, the Paralympic swimmer who had beaten the world record at the 200 meters backstroke this morning, was during his final session even faster. Van de Voort beats the clock with a time of 2:07.16. His teammate Magda Toeters was also a record breaking athlete today. She swam the 100 meters butterfly in a time of 1:09.97, which meant a Dutch national record.

Also one of the Dutch talents was on fire. Marrit Steenbergen sharpened the 200 meter medley in a new National Youth Record and earned the Dutch title in a time of: 2:16.43.

One of the most exiting races of this evening was the semi finales at the 100 meters freestyle. Sebastiaan Verschuren and Velimir Stjepanovic showed the audience some true competing spirit. This time Verschuren beats the Stjepanovic, but tomorrow they will compete for the title.

For all results, please visit: www.swimcup.nl.

Highlights day 2
Tomorrow it will be an exciting day as well. In between sessions the school kids will compete in the School Swimming Championships (Schoolzwemkampioenschappen). And we will be treated with the 100 meter freestyle finals for men! See you tomorrow!


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