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Welcome to the website of the Swim Cup The Hague. The Swimcup will take place from 4th April until April 7 and will become a great event with an international level of competitive swimming. Most of dutch athletes has confirmed their entrie since the event offers a unique opportunity to practice and experience the 2020 Tokyo time schedule. During the Swimcup The Hague entries will start on Thursday evening and finals are planned for each morning session.

The youngest and most talented swimmers from the Netherlands will get the opportunity to compete within different side-events. On Friday junior swimmers will compete at the National Championsips 800-1500m freestyle and on Saturday the Ranomi Cup gives all minior swimmers the opportunity to raise money for Unicef and win a meet and greet with Olympic Champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo. At sunday 7th April the National Arena Club Meet will take place directly after the last final session.

If you would like to visit or participate within more swim-events please take a closer look at the Swim Cup Eindhoven.

Kind regards
Koninklijke Nederlandse Zwembond
Lennart Stekelenburg

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