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14th Swim Cup Amsterdam 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

The second week of December, just after the European Short Course Championships the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation will organise a FINA approved long course event in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The Swim Cup Amsterdam will be an outstanding opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo directly within a back to back weekend, directly after the European Short Course Championships.

For many years our federation has been hosting international athletes during European Championships, World Cup events and SwimCup events and our venues in Eindhoven and The Hague, LOC’s and the competition level has been much appreciated by multiple international coaches and athletes.

Since our federation is planning three Swim Cup events within the 2019-2020 season we aim to organise one of the best Olympic Qualifying Events series in Europe and we would like to host as many as international top athletes during this year’s Swim Cup events. Our organisation is able to offer athletes and coaches some interesting and unique opportunity’s on their way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

  • At the 2019 SwimCup Amsterdam participants get the opportunity to race at a highlycompetitive and FINA approved event directly after the European short course Championships;
  • Free local transport from the airport to our hotel and venue. Our partner hotel is situated within a 5 minute drive from the venue and will offer extra athlete services;
  • The best competitive swim event within the capital of the Netherlands and the first event within a series of 3 Swim Cups.

If your team is interested in participating at the SwimCup Amsterdam or you would like to know more about the events from organised in April I’m more than happy to give information and have a closer look at the opportunity’s for you and your team.

Your sincerely,

Lennart Stekelenburg

Program Coordinator Events
Royal Dutch Swimming Federation

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